Dingli upgrades electric scissor lifts with AC+ series

Dingli has upgraded its electric scissor lifts with the new AC+ series, which covers working heights from 8 to 16 m and capacities from 250 to 350 kg. Its overall widths range between 0.7 and 1.4 m.

The platform capacity for the AC+ scissor lifts has been increased by up to 40% compared to the original model, said Dingli. This new series is equipped with side and rear forklift pockets to enable easy and efficient transportation, and its lithium-ion battery pack offers a long duty cycle and fast charging.

The load sensing system on the new series provides better resistance to temperature and friction, added Dingli. The integrated, four-in-one motor controller features 40% reduction in connections and harnesses.

The AC+ series is also designed with a high-strength, robust tyre compound to ensure the durability of the tyre. The machine platform has a new control box with a larger display screen.

Other highlights include a highly efficient electric drive system, with 15% reduction in energy consumption and greater power density; as well as a highly efficient electric lift pump system, with 20% reduction in energy consumption and greater power density.

In addition, the new scissor lifts come with a hydraulic oil leak containment (suitable for applications with zero leak tolerance); an electric actuator steering system (featuring no hydraulic oil, faster steering speed and 66% reduction in energy consumption); and a gravity down energy recovery system (battery charge regeneration during platform descent).

With this AC+ series, Dingli has renamed its small electric scissor lifts (e.g. the JCPT1612AC becomes the S1612AC+). The company said the entire series offers large capacities, high efficiency and energy conservation, high safety and enhanced environmental protection, easy transport, and improved durability.