New RB 65 mobile drilling rig from Bauer

Bauer recently presented the latest generation of its RB 65 mobile drilling rig. This new machine features an electrical pilot control for a more economical and safer operation based on automation processes.

Depending on the geology as well as the size and weight of the drilling tool, the RB 65 can be used for small calibre drilling up to a depth of 1,550 m and large calibre diameters of 1,200 mm up to a final depth of roughly 400 m.

Bauer’s mobile drilling rigs in the RB series are suitable for a wide range of applications. They offer the optimal technical prerequisites, for example, to develop low-lying drinking water sources, make geothermal energy usable, explore raw material deposits or for dewatering well drilling in mining operations.

The major advantage of the RB rigs is that, with minimal retrofitting, the same equipment can be used to implement various methods, such as direct flush, mud rotary reverse circulation airlift, hammer drilling or cable core drilling.

The current RB product series from Bauer comprises the trailer-based rigs RB-T 100 and RB-T 135 (maximum hook load of 142 t) along with the two truck-based rigs RB 50 and RB 65 (maximum hook load of 70 t).

The on-board hydraulic system of the RB 50 and RB 65 is powered via the truck’s auxiliary drive, and the two rigs feature a hybrid feed system using cylinder and hoist. External components such as compressors or flushing pumps are integrated into the drilling system of the rigs.

Equipped with the Restricted Operating Mode (ROM), protective cage, safety control and other features, both the RB 50 and RB 65 also fulfil all requirements pursuant to CE/DIN EN 16228.

All images: Bauer Group