SMEC and PowerChina form partnership to grow business in Bangladesh

The global engineering and design consultancy SMEC and PowerChina International Group Limited have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance both companies’ efforst to develop and grow their business in Bangladesh.

“PowerChina is an internationally renowned enterprise, particularly strong in the design, planning, construction and operation of projects. In Bangladesh, PowerChina is involved in project implementation across the energy, infrastructure and urban development sectors as a developer, investor and contractor,” said Dr Sayeed Ahmed, executive director for Bangladesh at SMEC.

“Given that SMEC has operated in Bangladesh since 1977 and has a strong track record in infrastructure development, it became clear that that the synergies between our organisations could be used to add value to projects and business development.

“Bangladesh still has room to improve in its road, rail, water and urban sectors, and more investment will drive greater economic growth and opportunities, as well as positively impact local communities.”

Dr Ahmed added that the agreement underpins the need for reliable and capable partners in the region. “PowerChina and SMEC will share knowledge and information, investigate and pursue project opportunities, and leverage complementary capabilities to seek growth in Bangladesh’s expanding infrastructure sector.”

Pan Dengyu, vice president for PowerChina Eurasia stated that Fortune unveiled the 2019 Global 500 list on 22 July and PowerChina ranked 161st, up 21 places from last year, reaching a new high. PowerChina will persist in promoting high-quality and sustainable development and implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, particularly in prominently growing countries such as Bangladesh.

“With the strategic support from each other and relying on our respective unique advantages, both PowerChina and SMEC will take this opportunity to further establish and reinforce positive cooperation mechanisms, continuously improve business growth, and jointly contribute to the future prosperity of Bangladesh,” said Mr Dengyu.