Philips Lighting commits more than 2,000 LED lightbulbs to NEA's household energy-saving challenge
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This support is part of Philips Lighting's commitment to bring light beyond illumination to Singaporean households, and is part of an overall initiative to inspire the population to actively care for and protect the environment as well as adopt eco-friendly and socially gracious lifestyles. Under NEA's "Energy-Saving Challenge", households that manage to reduce their electricity use by 1 per cent or more could stand to win prizes worth more than S$70,000 in total. Philips Lighting Singapore is the only lighting company amongst all Gold sponsors of the "Energy-Saving Challenge".

The Philips LED light bulbs committed as part of the competition are rated at 4 watts, and impart savings of up to 87 per cent over conventional lightbulbs. In addition to electricity savings, the non-visible flickering technology delivers light quality that is gentler and more comfortable to the eyes – an important consideration given that many households have school-going children and myopia is detected at a younger age.