LG Lights Up IFA 2017 with Convenient High-Performance Projectors
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The LG ProBeam UST offers a Full HD (1080p) image in a ultra-short throw design which are convenient as they do not require professional installation, a jumble of unsightly cables or expansive space between the projector and the screen - only requiring 12cm to display a 100-inch image. Its 150,000:1 contrast ratio ensures that every TV show or movie will look crisp and accurate.

The light source in the ProBeam UST is incredibly durable, estimated to last up to 20,000 hours. Its innovative I-shaped laser engine gives it a slim and sleek profile that looks great in any room. The LG ProBeam UST's four corner keystone feature corrects both horizontal and vertical distortion of the picture providing maximum flexibility to position it in ways that other projectors could only dream of. 

The LG MiniBeam is an incredibly easy to use portable projector - an HD projector with a built-in battery that lasts up to four hours. It packs plenty of cord-free power to play back two full-length movies while camping, sitting on the patio or relaxing in a hotel room.

One of its most impressive features, Multi-Angle Projection, allows the device to be tilted up to 70 degrees to display an image high on a wall or even on the ceiling without the use of a tripod. USB Type-C compatibility gives the MiniBeam the ability to connect and mirror other devices such as laptops and smartphone and charge its internal 9000mAh battery with a single cable. It can send an audio signal to any other Bluetooth-enabled device – wireless speaker, smartphone even a car audio system.