Homepro Rama3 Bangkok, Thailand
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Architect: 760i
Lighting Solution: Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited (L&E)
Photo Credit: Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited (L&E)

There are various stores for all target customers: electronics and technology stores, famous restaurants, including a full-service bike shop, to be worthy of a new meeting place for the brands and shoppers for exchanging experiences, which definitely cannot be found from online shopping.
Lighting is one important component that will create the memorable image of this Homepro branch. The lighting concept is completely different from the other branches: the general lighting in the spacious area is integrated with the different lightings of various functional areas, making an interesting rhythm of light and allocating the merchandise areas divisibly. 

High quality linear LED from L&E provides luminance both horizontally and vertically, making the products more outstanding and the atmosphere comfortable. Also, the high color accuracy helps display the true colors of the products beautifully. The accent lighting is carefully placed with an appropriate light diffusion that is suitable for the products without eye-irritating glare, which modern LED technology must be thanked for its qualifications of both fidelity and gamut. 

The building exterior is also designed for a modern and friendly appearance. Façade lighting is changed from floodlight to an integration of linear LED to the building for the pattern and rhythm of the light that enhance the remarkableness of the architecture. Indirect lighting post top is a good alternative to illuminate the circulation as the light is gentle and with a friendly shape.