Smart Lighting Solutions for Indoor Applications By Vossloh-Schwabe
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The 3-row SMD modules with a length of 280mm and 560mm allow the execution of seamless light strips of any length and the formation of luminous surfaces by parallel arrangement of the modules. It provides an ideal LED solution to light up with T5 / T8 lamps to replace. The high-end PMMA-based optics can be used to illuminate a wide range of applications with angles of 30°, 60°, 90° and 110°, as well as an asymmetrical and a batwing light distribution. The optics are ideal for the lighting of offices, industry, shops or supermarkets.

• Long service lifetime : 50,000 h (L80, B10)
• Highly efficient : Up to 172 lm/W at tp = 50ºC
• Flexible light distribution by different optics
• Zhaga-compliant hole distance

Light Controller XSW-E6 –
Wireless Solution for DALI Luminaires

Designed and capable to replace any part of a DALI system connected by wireless Light Controller XSW-E6 is deceptively simple and offers ultimate flexibility. It is the optimal technology for wireless lighting control of offices with conference rooms, industrial spaces and warehouses, sanitary facilities, storage spaces, as well as for similar applications that require high performance wireless networks.
• Wireless configuration / control of DALI luminaires
• ON/OFF function / Scene
• Stairwell function (Timer function)
• Sensor (Movement / Brightness) Control

DimONE Bluetooth® LED Dimmer

You can control and manage a selection of luminaires via mobile devices with the wireless solution of DimONE Bluetooth® LED Dimmer. These powerful devices take traditional lighting control to the next level so you can dim and time lighting according to your current mood.

• Connectivity and designed for applications up from 3 W to
300 W with phasecut dimmable LED modules
• State-of-the-art dimming device supports synchronization
with mobile device clock