L&E Proudly Introduces Its Newest Led Cob Tracklight
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TRL 135 is available at a Color Rendering Index of either 80 or 90 and offered in various color temperatures including 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and others primarily designed to enhance the visual appearance of food products. To put the focus on the essential –the item to be lighted, design and housing color range, which comprises black and white, have been kept minimal and discreet.

A variety of distinct filters such as clear glass, frosted glass and spread lenses can be optionally added. The TRL 135 model is best suited for merchandise and display purposes and fully unfolds its color quality and optical enhancement potential within the spaces of retail stores, supermarkets, museums, etc.

L&E is a lighting equipment manufacturer and lighting solution provider based in Bangkok, Thailand. They have been specialists in lighting for more than 20 years and engaged in many prominent projects in Thailand and other Asian countries during that time.