Schréder Lights The New MTK Stadium In Budapest, The First In Eastern Europe To Be Lit Exclusively By LED Technology
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Lighting plays a critical role in the success of any sports venue and the managers of the stadium wanted the latest in sports technology. As the stadium will be used for international football games, the lighting on the pitch has to meet the criteria imposed by UEFA and FIFA as well as the levels required for high-quality TV broadcasting (more than 1,500 lux). The managers wanted a solution that would offer the possibility of dynamic lighting effects to bring the stadium to life during the games and create a new level of excitement.

The Schréder‘s OMNIblast was ideal for this stadium. It provides the required lighting levels for national and international matches with minimal light trespass, which is important as the stadium is in the heart of the Hungarian capital’s urban landscape. The optics inside the floodlight are made from silicone to prevent any overheating, delivering optimal lighting at all times. It guarantees perfect glare control, a high colour rendering index (CRI) and television lighting consistency index (TLCI 88) as well as flicker-free lighting to provide vivid images on television screens for fans watching at home.

A total of 216 OMNIblast 3 have been installed along the roof. They are controlled by the DMX protocol which enables each fixture to be switched on and off individually or synchronised in light shows, to create dynamic entertainment lighting before, during and after the matches. It is possible to project the MTK team colours, change the lighting when a goal is scored and even synchronise the lighting with music when specific actions occur.

The floodlights may also be dimmed to adapt to other events taking place in the stadium, such as training. This flexibility gives the management the opportunity to use the stadium for non-sporting events (such as concerts) and generate additional revenue.