Luminis Launches Syrios Pro Luminaire Family
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Redesigned for enhanced functionality and seamless transition from outdoors to indoors.

Luminis, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification-grade lighting solutions, has introduced its redesigned Syrios Pro family of interior and exterior luminaires. Advanced technology and adaptable features enhance the functionality of a space while contributing to the overall aesthetics of modern architecture.

Syrios Pro luminaires enable a continuous aesthetic from curb to cube. It caters to a multitude of exterior applications, including street and area lighting for public spaces, sidewalks, pathways, parking lots, and building facades. Carrying the design aesthetic indoors, Syrios Pro enhances retail, hospitality, education, or office spaces.

With no visible hardware, Syrios Pro features clean lines for a flawless, sleek look. The family of luminaires is available in round or square, 4.5" and 6" formats. Eight standard finishes and ten faux wood finishes are available.  

Designers can choose from a variety of mounting types including wall (downlight or up/downlight), surface ceiling, pendant stem, aircraft cable, or catenary. All pendants may be selected with downlight or up/downlight and feature discreet mounting set screws. To complete the Syrios Pro family, a new pole mount option has been introduced.

The 355° adjustable module rotation and 30° tilting mechanism are available with the wall, pendant, and ceiling mounting options. The adjustable module rotation enables lighting designers to adjust illumination to suit a specific need or accentuate different areas within a space. And the 30° tilting mechanism is ideal for highlighting masonry, overhang canopies, or pathways. Designers can take advantage of the family’s outstanding adjustability to highlight the desired elements in a space. 

The Syrios Pro family has expanded its offering to include four standard IES distribution types - Types I, II, III,  and V – for pole, wall, and ceiling mounts in a variety of exterior applications.

For other applications, beam angle reflectors are available. Beam angles include 6°, 15°, 30°, or 55° to meet specific lighting requirements and create illumination that is directed precisely where needed. 

The 6° very narrow optic, new to the family, draws attention to subtle details, from columns to stone textures, to provide a sense of drama. 

A new batwing distribution is available as an uplight option for the 6" format luminaires. It provides consistent illumination across large ceiling surfaces, highlighting unique designs and reducing shadows and hot spots. 

Syrios Pro luminaires are available in colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K, as well as amber and newly introduced RGBW. Depending on the luminaire and package selected, Syrios Pro offers up to 6,000 delivered lumens.  

All luminaires are compatible with nLight® network lighting control systems, allowing seamless control of indoor and outdoor spaces while reducing energy costs, aiding in building compliance, and improving occupant comfort.