Vietnam Army Theatre Welcomes Ayrton Fixtures
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Villebon-Sur-Yvette, France – Ayrton is extremely happy to announce that new Ayrton lighting fixtures have been installed in the Vietnam Army Music Hall and Theatre.  The theatre which belongs to the Vietnam People’s Army, is situated in HaNoi and was established in 2010 as a professional venue for music and musical arts.

The new lighting fixtures were supplied by Ayrton’s Vietnamese distributor ProAVL and include 16 Diablo TC and 20 Mistral fixtures which will be used generally both in the theatre and for touring shows.

Choosing Ayrton lights proved an easy decision for the theatre tech team. “Ayrton fixtures are now used all over the world and have proved themselves on many stages and shows,” state the technicians. “We were really amazed by their accurate positioning, colour rendering (CRI >90) and the really useful CMY mixing system. We were also impressed by the total luminaire output (up to 19,000 lumens) which is really great for our shows. It was great that ProAVL were able to show all these features at the demo before we purchased.”

The theatre team explained how their new Mistral and Diablo fixtures would be used. “The lights will not be set up in any permanent positions, rather they will be formatted differently for each show that is brought in, and will also be used on tour and on outdoor festivals and events. However, in the theatre they can be rigged on vertical extension tubes giving us throw distances of about 6-7 metres. We plan to use them for all of our shows, especially the All Military Gathering festival which is a very, very big festival that includes every musician and artist that works for the army all over Vietnam. It happens once every four years where they gather together to perform their regional, traditional and more modern music.

“We are so pleased to be working with Ayrton, and with ProAVL which is a trusted partner. They have provided us with such a good service, helping us with the installation and training us on everything we need to understand about using these new fixtures.”

Photos: © Nguyen Thanh Tuan – ProAVL Sales and Marketing