VMT Named Exclusive Distributor For Elation And Obsidian In Growing Indian Market
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California, USA – Elation is delighted to announce that VMT (Vardhaman Megatech), a highly reputable distributor of audiovisual solutions in India with extensive experience, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Elation and Obsidian Control Systems products in India, effective immediately.

VMT is a leading professional audio and lighting distribution company with a strong distribution network and rich history that goes back to 1958 (parent company Vardhaman was established in 1807.) Based in Mumbai, the family-run business serves a diverse range of customers through retail, installation and distribution divisions, the latter working closely with a network of B2B dealers, retailers, and large touring companies across the country.

VMT Director of Sales, Jeff Mandot, expressed satisfaction in adding the Elation and Obsidian brands to their large catalogue of leading AV brands. “We chose to partner with Elation because of their reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality automated lighting solutions,” he stated. “Elation’s commitment to innovation and their impressive product portfolio aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the best audio and lighting solutions to our customers. By teaming up with Elation and Obsidian, we can expand our product offerings and provide even more cutting-edge lighting and lighting control options to our clients.”

Jonas Stenvinkel, International Sales Manager at Elation, expressed his enthusiasm about VMT representing Elation and Obsidian in such a significant market. “Having a dedicated distributor in India is an important step in ensuring growth and success in this expanding market and we are very excited for the opportunity it represents. VMT will carry and represent our full portfolio and we are excited for the future expansion into India.”

VMT is committed to providing exceptional service and expertise through a dedicated team of product experts, engineers, and sales and support staff. The company conducts training seminars and roadshows across the country and actively participates in regional and national exhibitions. To ensure the success of the partnership, VMT is preparing and investing in several key areas including training of sales and technical support teams to ensure that customers receive the best guidance and support, as well as a dedicated marketing and promotional push to raise awareness of Elation in the Indian market.

“We are excited about this partnership with Elation and the opportunities it presents for both companies and, most importantly, our customers,” Mandot stated. “With Elation’s industry-leading reputation and commitment to innovation and high-quality, and Obsidian’s growing reputation as an innovative lighting control brand, the partnership will have a great benefit to customers in India. For VMT, the partnership allows us to strengthen our position in the industry while enhancing our reputation as a trusted provider of professional lighting in the country. Together, we aim to elevate the lighting experience in India’s entertainment and corporate sectors and look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration.”