Zhaga’s Book 14 Published As IEC Standard
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Piscataway, NJ, USA – Zhaga, the global lighting-industry organisation, is proud to announce that Zhaga’s Book 14 has been officially designated as IEC Standard 63356-1. The Zhaga Consortium actively collaborates with global and regional standards development organizations, as well as national lighting entities, to promote the widespread adoption of Zhaga specifications. The Zhaga Consortium has the purpose to enable new markets for connected and serviceable lighting through interoperability.

Innovative LED Lighting Solutions

Book 14 introduces a pioneering family of flat, linear, socketable LED light sources, perfectly suited for low-profile linear lighting applications. The current edition encompasses both LED modules (requiring a separate driver) and LED light engines (LLEs) featuring an integrated control gear.

Tool-less Maintenance and Sustainability

One of the standout features of Book 14 is the innovative cap/holder system, which facilitates effortless tool-less replacement of LED light sources. One end of the LED light source boasts a contact cap, seamlessly fitting into the corresponding contact holder in the luminaire, while the other end is equipped with a support cap and support holder. This user-friendly design enhances maintenance convenience while promoting sustainability.

Applications Beyond Boundaries

Book 14’s LED light sources are designed for versatile applications, including use in free air (without the need for luminaire body enclosures).