RSP Charts New Expertise Ecosystem To Pioneer Growth In The Built Environment Sector
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The architectural and engineering firm goes above and beyond to bring sustainability, education, innovation and the Metaverse, AI under one roof.

Singapore – RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd (RSP), a global multidisciplinary architectural and engineering design group headquartered in Singapore, has announced a bold growth plan with the introduction of a new expertise ecosystem, represented by a revitalised brand identity built on its solid foundation. With close to 70 years of experience, RSP has seen itself building alongside Singapore for wide-ranging projects from Jewel Changi Airport to Funan, constantly evolving with their customers to meet their everchanging needs.

Putting forth purposeful design solutions that harnesses the firm’s multi-disciplinary experience, RSP’s goal is to create meaningful spaces where design solves the real needs of humanity. Guest-of-Honour Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development, graced the unveiling of the new RSP brand, which was in conjunction with the inauguration of the firm’s new office space at CapitaSky on 5 October 2023.

Newly appointed Chairman of RSP Singapore, Mr Kiat Lim, shared how RSP aims to make purposeful impact on the built environment with innovation and sustainability at the forefront. “Globally, the built environment is radically shifting. To meet changing consumer needs that are increasingly more environmentally conscious, community-minded and extending from the physical to virtual realms, architectural design is no longer just about building spaces, but designing for sustainability, experiences and in the digital world,” said Mr Lim.

RSP also established the RSP Global Design Council, comprising top designers from RSP’s 17 design hubs worldwide. Recognising the transformative power of design on a global scale, this council is dedicated to marrying local culture with global expertise in the firm’s design sensibilities by delving into the essence of local culture, understanding how people interact within spaces, and leveraging architecture to tell captivating stories.

“As a forward-looking company, we are committed to going beyond the expected to design spaces. Humanity-centred design at RSP is an approach that focuses on people’s needs not as individuals but as societies with complex, deep-rooted problems. When we design a space, we look at the entire environment and how the space should exist and relate. We deeply consider the people, communities and environment that inhabit them,” added Mr Lim.

Creating innovative and environmentally-friendly design for humanity

RSP places people, communities, and the environment at the core of architectural design. It has evolved to address changing consumer needs that now emphasise environmental consciousness, community engagement, and extends from the physical to the digital domain. RSP will be rolling out a series of business initiatives to address the radically shifting built environment.

The firm champions environmentally aware design with the launch of its sustainability studio RSP.SM Energy group, advocating for the importance of sustainability and minimising carbon footprints. Led by Suen Wee Kwok, Executive Director at RSP Singapore, together with RSP’s engineering arm Squire Mech (SM), the launch of this studio is in tandem with Singapore’s goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, strengthening efforts actively contributing to the reduction of Singapore’s carbon emissions and energy usage by implementing Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI).

RSP also prides itself in its design innovation; the new RSP Lifestyle group brings meaning to better design, pushing boundaries to tackle complex problems by finding new materials and employing methodologies that foster better spaces. Headed by Law Yoke Foong, Head of Business and Executive Director at RSP Singapore, the first brainchild of RSP Lifestyle is The Sun Bar, a bespoke bar that uses sustainable material samples that form an eye-catching skin, in collaboration with Cosentino, a global leader for surfaces.

RSP as a forward-looking and future-ready company

RSP’s success is fuelled by their talented individuals – RSP Academy is a collaborative global effort between RSP’s Singapore and China offices, focusing on highlighting design excellence from an academic perspective. Sonny Chionh will be overseeing the firm’s educational engagement efforts; the aim is to increase recognition of outstanding projects among the public by collaborating with educational institutions worldwide and fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the Built Environment.

RSP is also exploring contemporary dimensions such as the Metaverse and AI that enables their design expertise to transcend physical spaces. The launch of RSP META – RSP’s first venture into the Metaverse – merges the traditional experience in architecture with digital skills. Collaborating with Pantheon Lab to enhance the end- user experience through AI, RSP leverages their knowledge of spaces to help an improved virtual assistant that will enhance current concierge experiences.

RSP also unveiled its updated logo, featuring the new sky-blue brand colour, which exemplifies the brand’s empathetic approach to design and their commitment to deliver thoughtful design for people, communities and the environment.