Striking A Balance: Human-Centric Vs Aesthetic Centric Lighting Design
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New Delhi, India – #LightTalk, an exclusive event hosted at ILDL’s experience centre, celebrates the company’s mastery in architectural lighting technology in India. To commemorate this journey, ILDL organised a Panel Discussion, filled with ‘Cocktails and Conversation’ alongside a personalised tour of their compelling display at the Experience Centre. The event showcased their latest lighting ideas in a real-time set-up and offered visitors a first-hand ‘play of light’ experience that enlivens spaces and evokes feelings.

This Panel Discussion was engaged in a stimulating conversation on the pertinent topic of ‘Striking a balance between human-centric and aesthetic-centric lighting design’ with eminent lighting designers from our country. A synergy of creative conversation was created with the panelists, Kunal Shah (Principal Lighting Designer at SPK Valo), Iftikar Ilyas (Principal designer & Partner at Litelab Consultants), Surbhi Jindal (Founder & CEO - Da Light Hub), moderated by Tanya Khanna (Founder, Epistle) and discussed the challenges faced, sharing their experiences, and paving a way for the future of lighting design in India. The audience included students from Academy of Applied Arts, New Delhi, and architects from IM Design, Studio Ivory, Resonate Designs and many more. The Panel Discussion was followed by the Experience Centre tour, which accommodates ILDL’s 25+ international lighting brand collaboration fixtures, which concluded the immersive experience.

“The art and science of lighting design took center stage as leading industry experts and visionaries from the field of lighting design came together for an illuminating panel discussion aimed at shedding light on innovative approaches, trends, and insights in the world of lighting, furthering ILDL’s belief in the power of collaboration,” said Aryaman Jain, CEO, ILDL