Creative Technology Middle East invests in IP-rated Elation Proteus™ and KL Panel™
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Creative Technology Middle East (CTME) has made an investment in Elation Professional’s industry-leading Proteus series of automated IP65 lights, along with studio-optimized IP-rated KL Panel softlights. The purchase includes the Proteus Excalibur™ sky beam moving head as well as the Proteus Maximus™ LED moving head, both high-power luminaires routinely used on large-scale productions and outdoor spectaculars. Additionally, CTME has invested in Elation’s versatile KL Panel XL IPTM, a full-colour spectrum LED softlight perfect for use in broadcast and film settings. CTME worked closely with Jean Pierre de Vernon from Venutech LLC, Elation’s exclusive distributor in the Middle East, to procure the new lighting gear.

The Middle East’s reputation for producing large-scale, visually stunning events continues to grow and Creative Technology plays an important role in making those happen. The company services a wide range of market sectors from entertainment to corporate, as well as exhibitions, broadcast and high-profile sporting events.

The Excalibur is the brightest IP65 full-featured beam fixture ever created. Its enormous output – the beam light generates up to 335,000 lux at 15 metres – in combination with a 260-millimetre lens and 0.8° beam competes with xenon searchlights and sky trackers. The Maximus is a 50,000-lumen profile/beam/wash LED moving head that has earned a reputation as a rider-friendly, industry standard luminaire. Both luminaires feature all-weather Proteus protection and will find service on the diverse range of spectacular events across the Middle East region.

To meet the increasing demand for high-quality lighting solutions at indoor and outdoor broadcast events in the region, CTME has invested in the IP65-rated KL Panel XL IP softlight.

This versatile LED softlight boasts an RGBW + Lime + Cyan LED array, delivering bright, full-colour washes or beautifully soft white lighting up to 40,000 field lumens. With a range of useful design features, it is ideal for key, fill, and backlight applications, providing exceptional lighting quality that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of each event.