Leaves Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. specializes in LED flexible lights
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Leaves Lighting Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known as World of Lights Lighting Factory (WOL), and established in year 2002, now have 21 years lighting experience.

It has its own building of 5,000 square metres.

Leaves focuses on creating and manufacturing stable, high quality products and provides good service to its customers. It is under ISO 9001 strict quality management.

Its main product lines are: LED Flexible Track Light, LED Colour Bridge, LED Decorative Light, etc.

Leaves Invention Patented Light
- New technology-Conductive and Safe Rail, lights available to be freely assembled on any point of the rail, to make the light scene as final users wished.  

- Module design, easy DIY

- New design trend, elegant slim design, users will enjoy wider and higher space.

- No suspended ceiling and cutting any more, save time and big cost.

- Small size, save freight.

- Patent Design, protect client support client to win the market.

The company is looking for sole distributors in the global market.