LUMAWISE Motion from TE Connectivity earns sustainability award at LpS Digital Summit
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Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA – One of the primary goals for the new LUMAWISE Motion sensor is to enable cities and municipalities to meet their goals for more sustainable and safer street lighting. TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has been recognised for this innovation by Luger Research e.U., which awarded LUMAWISE Motion its Sustainability Award at the LpS Digital Summit.

Known as LpS, the LED Professional Symposium is an annual event that brings together light and lighting experts from more than 30 countries to discuss and share the latest research and innovation on lighting design, technology and architecture. 

Recognised for its degree of sustainability, the LpS Digital jury gave LUMAWISE Motion high marks for its 30x6-metre detection zones and strong infrared-sensing capabilities even in harsh environments. 

“LUMAWISE Motion enables energy savings from dimming or even turning off a luminaire while still being able to react to motion and bring a luminaire to full brightness for safety and security reasons," the jury statement noted. "The product is a new motion sensor designed to bring sustainability and efficiency to street lighting architecture.”

The jury went on to say: "LUMAWISE Motion fits into the Zhaga-D4i ecosystem, which is the new standard for smart cities. It works as a standalone control device or in combination with Zhaga-D4i photocell or communication node for greater levels of controls. The sensor is a pluggable device, with the standard Zhaga book 18 interface for an easy upgrade."

"We are honoured to receive this recognition for LUMAWISE Motion from the LED professional Symposium," said Jonathan Catchpole, principal systems architect for TE. "We are proud of the sustainability benefits this solution provides to customers by conserving energy and reducing light pollution, without compromising the safety enabled by public lighting."