PROJECT FOCUS: Laneway lighting contributes to a safe, urban vibe in San Francisco residential development
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San Francisco’s 1288 Howard Street is a residential community in the city’s heart. Developed by March Capital Management, it offers a variety of one and two-bedroom flats, lofts, and townhouses. Zoning requirements necessitated the construction of two separate buildings so there is a ground floor laneway in between.

The vibe is all urban, with patterned sidewalks, concrete planters with plenty of greenery, and two open-air walkways that connect the buildings on the third floor. With the lobby entrance adjacent to the lane, residents come and go along the path. The public also has right-of-way access during designated hours.

Many of the units open onto the lane, some with balconies, so the team at March Capital Management wanted to create a fun space where residents could hang out. But one of the challenges was ensuring it was safe and secure for everyone passing through.

Luminis Maya MA50 luminaires are suspended across the lane to effectively illuminate the outdoor space in the evening and overnight hours. Each Maya MA50 is suspended in a catenary mount, attached to a single wire that spans the two buildings on the third floor. A total of eight luminaires create uniform illumination down the length of the alley.

“Our goal was to keep this space airy and open,” said Pete Gorence, project manager at March Capital Management. “Using the catenary mounts allowed us to effectively illuminate the space without unnecessarily congesting the lane with poles or bollards.”

Each fixture features a high-performance light engine and optics shielded by a glass panel to minimize glare. And a color temperature of 3000K, consistent with all exterior lighting on the property, contributes to a comfortable, safe environment.

“One of the nice things about these luminaires is their great aesthetic,” Gorence said. “They really enhance the community feel of the lane. And each fixture offers enough brightness to feel secure, but not with an overwhelming punishing light.”

The laneway’s illumination successfully contributes to the urban vibe aesthetic while adding a sense of wellbeing and security in this downtown space.


PROJECT NAME: 1288 Howard Street

LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA

CATEGORY: Exterior Lighting


DEVELOPER: March Capital Management