Casambi opens first Asia office in Singapore
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Singapore – Casambi, a leading producer of wireless lighting control systems, celebrated the opening of its first Asia Pacific office in Singapore on September 27, 2022. The office will also be its regional headquarters.

Located in UE Square, the new office will enable Casambi to boost customer service and facilitate closer collaboration with industry partners to create lighting products and solutions that enhance health, wellness, and sustainability.

Casambi’s technology provides lighting designers and manufacturers with the ability to wirelessly link devices together enabling the creation of customizable smart lighting networks that are easily configured and controlled using the Casambi App. The technology is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, which offers low interference and minimal energy consumption. Its scalable and interoperable solutions can be integrated into a wide range of elements, from individual lighting fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions through cloud-based remote control, monitoring, and data logging.

The company collaborates with many of the leading luminaire, driver, LED board, LED lamp, and lighting control module manufacturers to offer the most comprehensive ecosystem for wireless lighting controls. Today, the Casambi Ecosystem provides complete end-to-end solutions to many industries spanning tourism and hospitality, industrial, retail, residential, office, outdoor, arts and heritage, education and healthcare.

Since its establishment in 2011, Casambi has sold over four million Casambi Ready devices worldwide and completed over 150,000 projects.

Mr. Kari Mettälä, CEO of Casambi flew in from Finland to attend the opening ceremony at the new office in the presence of Mr. Edmund Hui, General Manager of APAC at Casambi, and Casambi Ecosystem partners and customers.

Kari Mettälä said: “Wireless lighting control solutions are gaining popularity due to their proven track record of reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs, improving safety, and providing transparent and scalable network infrastructure with minimal disruption. Over the past decade, we have been providing the technology that underpins the transformation from wired to wireless lighting control, and the incorporation of our Singapore office shows our commitment to come closer to our partners in APAC and offer more resources that will set them up for success. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships and taking them to the next level.”

With Casambi’s versatile solutions that entirely eliminate the need for control wiring, building owners can personalize the lighting controls of different environments without conducting surface reconstruction. They can control lighting via the Casambi App, which caters to the highest demands and fulfillment down to the smallest detail. It allows the switch between daylight, circadian, and time-based scenes, offering outstanding user experiences and improving occupant well-being and productivity.

“Artificial light is part of our everyday lives, and its effect on our health and well-being should be taken seriously. Casambi’s software platform empowers users of smart devices to wirelessly interact with artificial lighting – in doing so, radically changing the way people and businesses light their surroundings to provide variation according to personal needs while optimizing energy use to improve the operational profile of the building. Our controls enable spaces to offer excellent user experiences while improving one’s visual acuity and alertness to surroundings,” said Edmund Hui, General Manager of APAC at Casambi.

“With our APAC hub, we look forward to working closely with our Casambi Ecosystem partners to deliver personalized lighting options to customers in countries including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.”

Some of Casambi’s industry-leading partners include ERCO, Tridonic, Occhio, Louis Poulsen, WILA Lighting, and Formalighting, to name but a few.