ODELIC launches new designed fixture with function called AQUA2
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Tokyo, Japan – ODELIC is a leading lighting manufacturer in Japan. Since entering the lighting business, ODELIC has introduced a wide range of products with various designs.

In the recent years, ODELIC has been developing products not only with a unique design, but to have the latest functions together. In this opportunity, ODELIC would like to introduce one of its designed fixtures with function which is called, AQUA2.

AQUA2’s design concept’s idea was taken from a very familiar material, water. The 3 designs in AQUA2 series are all expressing the different faces which water shows in different seasons. AQUA2 is also, dimmable and tunable white (2700 - 6500K) which is its hidden function behind the design. The dimming and tuning can be controlled by the latest bluetooth communications. Which would add a different face to each of its 3 designs.

ODELIC targets to make AQUA2 to be easy to handle and maintain.
Acrylic have been selected as the shade’s material by developing a special forming skill.
This new skill has helped ODELIC achieve a glass like transparency which was essential from its design concept. And also, have helped AQUA2 to be much economic and easy to handle. From the maintenance point, the shades of the walllights are removable.

ODELIC have also selected detachable GX53 flat lamps for the light source.
GX53 bulbs holder had developed as the next generation standard for LED lamps.
ODELIC focuses on GX53 flat lamps for luminaires with detachable bulbs.

1. SHIZUKU (water drops)
"Shizuku" means water drops in Japanese. The 2 layer with an empty space structure gives Shizuku the waterdrop image. The outer thick transparent layer shows a unique lens effect when light transmit. On the other hand, the inner translucent white shade softens the atmosphere by cutting excess glare. The space between the 2 layers makes it possible to see the background through the fixture. This combination creates an waterdrop like effect to "Shizuku".

1) SHIZUKU Pendant Light (model number: WP252665BR)
6.3W(GX53) / Φ119 x H121mm / 0.8kgs

2) SHIZUKU Wall Light (model number: WB255358BR)
6.3W (GX53)/ W150 x L125 x H95mm / 0.6kgs

2. SHIMO (winter frost)
"Shimo" means frost (needle ice) in Japanese.
"Shimo" is formed by a 2 layer shade as "Shizuku".
The random ribbing like pattern on the outer transparent shade expresses needle ice.
The needle ice pattern is formed by a special mould pattern and resin forming skills.
Which causes an unique swaying like lighting effect.
The delicate design and lighting effect does not appear too strong.
Which is making the product suit a wide range of interior designs, from traditional to modern.

1) SHIMO Pendant Light (model number: WP252665BR)
 6.3W (GX53) / Φ123 x H151mm / 0.7kgs

2) SHIMO Wall Light (model number: WB255358BR)
6.3W (GX53) / W200 x L120 x H86mm / 0.6kgs

3. YUKI (snow)

"Yuki" means snow in Japanese.
As like the other 2 designs, "Yuki" is formed by 2 layers, transparent & white translucent.
The outer transparent layer is given matt surface by texturing and sunblasting. The inner shade’s milky white appears from under the outer matt shade.

Giving a three-dimension like impression.
This combination creates the white but also, transparent fuzzy soft image. As like the snow which have silently and softly piled.

  1. YUKI Pendant Light (model number: WP252788BR)
     6.3W (GX53) / Φ130 x H94mm / 0.7kgs
  2. YUKI Wall Light (model number: WB255358BR)
     6.3W (GX53) / W171 x L127 x H85mm / 0.5kgs

ODELIC released e-catalogue "Samurai Lighting" at their website.