INTERVIEW WITH ILDL: Transforming spaces with lighting solutions right from conceptualization to creation
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Innovative Lighting Design Limited (ILDL), founded in 2006 by Vikram Jain, is an inventive firm that provides bespoke lighting design solutions in South and Southeast Asia. ILDL stands out as a globally acclaimed lighting brand as a result of prioritising quality mockups for each project. With an enviable collection of projects across a diverse scale of commercial, healthcare, heritage, hospitality, landscape, residential and urban projects, ILDL epitomises the latest, most appropriate and the best in lighting trends and lighting solutions. In an interview with Lighting Today, Aryaman Jain, CEO for ILDL, shares the ILDL philosophy and the challenges for the lighting industry in Southeast Asia.

LT: Can you tell us about ILDL – why was it established and what kind of lighting solutions does it offer?

Aryaman: The firm created one-stop solutions that accentuate spaces, equipping the building design industry with the best that lighting technology has to offer.  Ranging from conceptualising to procurement to execution, ILDL’s extensive experience and envy-worthy list of brand collaborations equip us to generate unique, bespoke, and user-centric solutions.

Born out of the realization of the technological deficiencies in the lighting sector and its disjunct with the building and construction industry, we make our immense expertise accessible to ensure that we offer nothing but the best to every client. With a close-knit and committed design team, ILDL delivers illuminating solutions that are functional, user-centric, and tailored to individual needs. What started with the manufacturing of traditional lighting systems and a single-brand representation, has cultivated 23+ brands worldwide spanned over a glorious 15 years. Rooted in the firm’s ethos and philosophy, their complete lighting solutions have found confidantes in prominent architects, interior designers, and lighting designers.

LT: How would you describe the ILDL philosophy?

Aryaman: The ILDL philosophy can be summarized in the following ways:

Evolution through Innovation

After a decade and a half in the industry, ILDL is consistently learning, adapting, growing, and evolving new technologies and innovative designs solutions to meet the clients’ growing needs. With each new product, ILDL raises the bar for aesthetic and advanced lighting solutions, establishing itself as a pioneer in the building and construction sector.

A you-first design approach

The firm follows a client-centric approach that allows catering to each client’s taste by integrating experience and expertise. They primarily use a holistic approach to include all aspects of how lighting affects an occupant’s well-being, productivity, and comfort in any environment to evolve efficient luminous design solutions from concept to creation.

Visualising Ideas

ILDL consciously prioritizes mock-ups as an essential part of the design process for all its projects as a promising step that leaves no stone unturned to punctuate the lighting language to enhance the design through premium lighting solutions.

Serving you better

From concept to creation, ILDL strives to provide the finest solutions, meeting all client requirements by offering a wide range of products to choose from. The highest degree of professional attention through immaculate calculations and service by the ILDL team optimizes every fixture that adorns their incredible range of projects.  

LT: What is the firm’s vision?

Aryaman: The firm’s vision is vested in transforming spaces with lighting solutions right from conceptualisation to creation, optimising existing techniques, and shaping solutions to be user-centric and design sensitive. This structured approach has built a legacy that aims to deliver the most technologically apt, avant-garde, energy-efficient, and superior grade, one-stop destination for lighting solutions in notable projects across diverse typologies and scales. ILDL’s extraordinary portfolio of over 500 projects consists of residential, commercial, healthcare, heritage, and landscape projects spread across South and Southeast Asia.

The firm’s exceptional and innovative work can be observed in seminal projects like the revival of Rumi Gate in Lucknow - where luminaires from Lumenpulse and Lec collections were mounted on the facade without puncturing the structure, which reduced the energy consumption by one-third of the original usage.

LT: What challenges do you see for the lighting industry in South and Southeast Asia?

Aryaman: The major challenge that I feel exists in the lighting industry in South and Southeast Asia is the lack of awareness amongst the mass. The notions that people have regarding lighting design is often not correct. Lighting is not seen as an essential component of any design but rather a last-minute addition. Users often do not want to hire a lighting consultant as they feel that it is not a crucial element of design and end up getting low-efficiency fixtures that do not bring out the true colours or ambience of the spaces. What people do not realise is that good lighting can add to the overall aesthetics and value of a space.

The lack of awareness also stems from the fact that people often do not want to spend a lot of money on lighting design. Hence, costing is also an issue in this regard. It is not that people do not spend on their projects, but the major challenge is that they are not eager to spend on lighting design or consultants.