Crystal Harmony by Preciosa Lighting sings a sparkling symphony at the Shangri-La Qiantan, Shanghai
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Crystal Valley, Czech Republic / Shanghai, China – Preciosa Lighting, a leader in hospitality lighting trends, is bringing peace and harmony to the Shangri-La Qiantan, Shanghai with their latest dynamic crystal lighting sculpture. The Shangri-La brand believes in “treating a stranger as one of our own” and focuses on creating tranquil surroundings amidst inspirational architecture and design. In Shanghai, they honoured this ethos with Crystal Harmony, a bespoke piece inspired by nature’s awakening every spring.

The Crystal Harmony sculpture features 45 crystal yulan flower petals and six pairs of crystal wings, all beautifully handcrafted in the heart of Europe. It was inspired by Crystal Biosphere, a lighting concept Preciosa first presented at the Euroluce 2017 exhibition in Milan. Crystal Biosphere features an automata. An automata’s mechanisms are cyclical—no beginning and no end. In Crystal Biosphere, the movement of light is set in motion, forever changing but never ceasing. The idea behind it was to bring the historical concept of the chandelier with its unique sparkling properties into our contemporary present. For Crystal Harmony, the Preciosa Engineering team crafted the automata so that the wings of the crystal birds gently move within the sculpture. The combination of sculpture and automata elevates the visual wonder and fascination for visitors. The yulan flower petals were individually handcrafted by glass masters. The overall feeling is one of peace and serenity.

“This installation is a statement piece that draws in everyone who passes though Shangri-La’s lobby,” said Maher Akil, Sales Manager for China. “It brings an atmosphere of tranquillity to the space and we hope that guests can carry that feeling with them throughout their visit.”

Shangri-La Qiantan, Shanghai was jointly designed by renowned international design studios Ga, STACK, Takenouchi Webb and HBA who took inspiration from nature and Shanghainese architecture and culture for the property’s design.

“The project was a logistical challenge with the project designer in London, the hotel operator in Hong Kong and the developer in China, plus the lighting actually being created in the Czech Republic,” Mr. Akil said. “Preciosa Lighting’s global presence was a key advantage here and made for a smooth collaboration. This was a lovely project to work on and we look forward to future cooperation with Shangri-La properties worldwide.”