HERCULUX joins the Zhaga Consortium
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Piscataway, New Jersey, USA – The Chinese LED optics manufacturer HERCULUX has become a Regular Member of the Zhaga Consortium. The company is dedicated to providing professional secondary optical match schemes for the LED lighting field and to the design, manufacture and sales of related optical elements.

“We think Zhaga is a very innovative, very environmentally friendly and open standards organization,” says Michael Peng, Vice president of HERCULUX, talking with great excitement, “Now everyone is talking about carbon synthesis and environmental protection, so Zhaga has such a unique position to help us improve the speed of product development and save materials for customers’ secondary development and upgrading. Therefore, we believe that joining the Zhaga Consortium and participating in the formulation of these standards, as well as the development of our products based on Zhaga specifications, is a good thing that is in line with this environmental protection and carbon integration”.

“The Zhaga Consortium is very pleased to be joined by HERCULUX,” states Dee Denteneer, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium and continues “we are a global lighting-industry organization that aims to standardize interfaces of components of LED luminaires. The source of inspiration for market needs is our global membership. The Zhaga specifications enable multi-vendor ecosystems of interoperable products. With our specifications and certification programs we eliminate unnecessary interface variations, assuring manufacturers that the certified components actually fit and work together, so that they can focus their resources on differentiation and innovation. We are convinced that through its membership, HERCULUX will further strengthen the Zhaga component ecosystem and contribute significantly to the success of the Zhaga mission and vision.”