Leda, the feminine side of LED
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Leda is a collection of modular and adjustable lighting fixture: a string, a necklace of light that decorates rooms like a precious jewel adorns a woman’s neck.

The myth of Leda and the Swan lives again in a new combination between poetry and technology, being the light source transformed into a feminime entity with a flexible and enveloping look.

The lithe curves of Leda lighting collection remind those of the swan’s neck, variable geometries that can be assembled at will.

Its structure is made of cylindrical bars and small spheres in gold or black anodized aluminum alternating, ringed like pearls on a thread that supports a LED strip wrapped in a transparent and flexible silicone tube.

Customizable according to the space where it will be set, Leda is a chain that binds and decorates, enclosing universal symbols, alluding to the fascinating idea of circularity, to an archetypal ornament of elegance and beauty.

Installable in all directions, Leda can be used indoors or outdoors as a suspension, floor lamp, or lighting system, adorning and illuminating rooms, porches, gardens and terraces with gracefulness. It can be further transformed thanks to a small metal slot that allows you to define its arrangement and shape as you wish.

Colour: Black or golden

Material: cilindrycal bars alternated to golden or black painted anodized aluminium balls. FLEX LED in white soft touch silicone.

Bulbs: strip led 14,4W

Bars Dimensions (two available sizes)

Flex led ø23mm L100cm

Use: Indoor and outdoor