ProAudio Ltd. chooses Elation lighting for International Congress Center Burgas
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Los Angeles, California, USA – The new International Congress Center Burgas (ICCB) on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has installed a high-quality Elation lighting system in its largest event space designed and delivered by Elation Professional’s Bulgarian distributor, ProAudio Ltd.


The Bulgarian city of Burgas on the Black Sea coast is an important industrial, transport, cultural and tourist centre, and a natural location for an international conference centre. ICCB with its variety of event spaces, transportation access and nearby first-class hotels, fulfills that role ideally. The modernly equipped centre houses six unique spaces including three main event halls used for conferences, exhibitions, concerts, television broadcasts, gala dinners and more.

ProAudio Ltd

Building designers ATM Architects chose Elation Professional’s Bulgarian distributor, ProAudio Ltd, to develop audio, video and stage lighting solutions for the venue. In the centre’s largest space, the 500-capacity Chernomorie Hall, ProAudio Ltd designed a lighting system that was not only flexible to cover the great variety of events the center hosts, but also one that projects a high quality of light, a standard reflective of the venue and especially helpful when broadcast cameras are involved.

ProAudio chose and delivered a package of Elation white light and colour-changing luminaires, and also handled system integration. The system was created in collaboration with production company SEG, a leading company in the Bulgarian event technology industry who often use the congress centre when organising services for clients.

Elation lighting system

The Chernomorie Hall lighting system includes warm-white LED Fresnels from Elation’s popular KL series, both KL Fresnel 8™ and KL Fresnel 6™ lights. The LED wash luminaires, ideal for key light, project a bright, high-quality white light that is as beautiful as traditional tungsten halogen. High power WW Profile HP™ LED ellipsoidals with 26-degree high-definition lenses highlight speakers or performers and are ideal for broadcast applications, while temperature controllable TVL Softlight DW™ luminaires provide variable shade projections of high-quality white light.

When colour is required, Fuze PAR Z175™ , fixtures with RGBW COB LED engine can provide full-colour washes. The modern PAR light projects a high-quality flat field of light yet emulates the classic lens look of a traditional Fresnel. More colour comes from Colour Chorus 48™ battens useful for floodlighting surfaces and stages in a variety of even dynamic washes. These are supplemented by Smarty Hybrid™ CMY colour mixing moving heads whose full-featured design includes plenty of colour and graphics options. Its Platinum FLEX 200 lamp from Philips is highly efficient, offering long lamp life (6,000 hours), lower power consumption and reduced fixture maintenance. 


Lighting system control comes from an NX2™ lighting console by Obsidian Control Systems. The compact yet fully integrated NX2 was a recommendation from rental companies that are expected to take part in activities at the venue. Using the innovation ONYX platform, the NX2 offers a slate of professional features and is easily mobile when required.

Alexander Petkov, Public Area Department head at ICCB, is quite satisfied with the new lighting system and ProAudio’s role in the project. He comments, “Exceptional professionals with perfect competences accompanied implementation of the project at every phase. Everything was precisely integrated and we achieved first-class quality service. It was a pleasure for us to work with the ProAudio team and have been impressed by their professional attitude towards us as clients.”

Elation gear:

4 x KL Fresnel 8™

4 x KL Fresnel 6™

4 x WW Profile HP™

8 x Smarty Hybrid™

4 x Fuze PAR Z175™

4 x TVL Softlight DW™

4 x Colour Chorus 48™

1 x Obsidian NX2™   

1 x Opto Branch 8/5