FABRILum delivers exceptional lighting and unmatched acoustic performance with no compromises
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Vancouver, BC Canada – Responding to the substantial increase in market awareness of the value of acoustic lighting, Cooledge introduces its new line of FABRILum architectural acoustic luminaires. These fully featured luminaires combine the exceptional quality of immersive illumination that enables the feeling of natural light in retail spaces and corporate environments with acoustic performance on a par with the best passive acoustic materials to deliver design solutions that don’t require a compromise between great lighting and reducing noise pollution – especially in open ceiling spaces.

What sets FABRILum apart is the approach Cooledge has taken to designing the product. Some alternative products simply add sound absorbing acoustic material to the outside of traditional linear luminaires without sufficient surface area to provide significant noise reduction, thus requiring the use of additional passive baffles that increase cost and ceiling clutter. Others start with acoustic panels and add light fixtures that struggle to provide suitable illumination in large spaces. By contrast, Cooledge designed FABRILum from the ground up to fully address the need to provide exceptional illumination in open spaces while taking advantage of a large format to integrate materials that deliver true acoustic performance without the need for additional baffles or panels.

Cooledge also incorporated features such as a removable fabric diffuser, increased efficacy, and a clean architectural finish that doesn’t require additional trim to complement a full range of color temperatures, including tunable white, and a selection of light output options specifically targeted at illuminating open ceiling spaces.

And perhaps uniquely to Cooledge, the improved performance of FABRILum with enhanced acoustic capability comes at an even more competitive price than its groundbreaking FABRICated Luminaires.

With the addition of FABRILum, Cooledge has expanded its luminous ceiling portfolio to address an even wider range of applications and budgets from full turnkey Specialty Illumination Solutions that include installation, the widest range of large format luminaires in the industry with FABRILum, FABRIColor, FABRICated Luminaires and the LumiScapes by Cooledge line featuring FABRICore, and Lighting Systems, the market leader for illuminating large areas incorporating a variety of architectural materials.