Inn, the new design by a-emotional light
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Inn is the new proposal of a-emotional light developed entirely by the company’s design team. A conical shape in which past, present and future come together. In this design, the stainless steel mesh remains the protagonist. Its folds come together to reach a common point: light.

The painted stainless steel mesh, the company’s star material, is folded and collected in a customised black capsule that houses the light source. Inside, Inn holds a surprise: a black ring where all the folds connect. This design highlights the beauty of the interior, showing the folds and shapes that converge at one point.

The metallic elements (upper capsule and inner ring) characteristic of Inn are customized, you can choose the finish and combine it with the lampshade colour that best suits you and your space.

This design is designed to create atmospheres in spaces individually or in compositions full of geometric patterns.