OPPLE Lighting highlighted at Expo 2020 Dubai, showing world “Light of China”
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Dubai, UAE – As a leading Chinese lighting brand, OPPLE Lighting is the official partner of the China Pavilion at the Expo 2020 in Dubai. While providing a full range of lighting solutions for the China Pavilion during the Expo, OPPLE Lighting also has its own interactive show “Like a Shadow by Your Side”, demonstrating its commitment to the “Light of China” with sustainable lighting technology and AI innovation.

OPPLE Lighting highlighted the China Pavilion at Dubai Expo

The architectural design of the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, and is known as the “Light of China” for its implication of hope and light. Relying on its expertise and innovation, OPPLE Lighting takes circle as the starting point and light as the medium to eliminate the boundaries between individuals and groups, and also the present and the future. In the China Pavilion, from the lighting of the restaurant, to the reception area, the rest area, or its own independent exhibition, OPPLE Lighting shows the uniqueness of the China Pavilion, and also its core concept of “Innovation, At-Ease, Vitality”.

The leaders of the Chinese Pavilion and the Chief Representative of the Saudi Arabia Pavilion visited the Interactive Smart Lighting System “Like a Shadow by Your Side” by OPPLE Lighting.

Echoing the Expo’s theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating Future”, OPPLE Lighting Interactive Smart Lighting System “Like a Shadow by Your Side” gives the guests an immersive sense of participation through the light and AI recognition, fully demonstrating OPPLE Lighting’s continuous exploration of future lighting and human, as well as the application capabilities of the lighting solutions.