Illuminating Asia “lights up” trees with LED tubes, the first-of-its-kind in Singapore
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Singapore – Chijmes Singapore is one of the top entertainment, lifestyle, food, and beverages area which is located in the central business district of Singapore. It is known for its cosy courtyards with restaurants serving international cuisines, cafes, and stylish bars surrounding the area. Creating new experiences by connecting people to the space was one of the main goals of Illuminating Asia (IA) when it was appointed as the lighting designer to come up with concepts, design, and supplies to the space. IA also integrated engineering know-how to achieve creative lighting effects. 

“The True Vine” is the concept behind this project. With the heritage trees being conserved within the main central compound of the space, it brings up an idea to light up the trees uniquely rather than conventional up-lighters. From soil to living, the usage of LED strips outlines the tree, forming veins in the branches. Each of them is connected together to form the structure of the tree, following the direction of the tree growth. Colour changing scheme is introduced to achieve the most natural-looking effect as if the tree is circulating its air into its vines. With every branch being different in shape and size, the product used is carefully curated to follow the flow of the environment.

The main product used in the project was Galaxias LED Neon Flex Strips. Multiple reviews were done on the strips to ensure the highest quality standards for each component: LED chips, the DMX chips, and other materials to be suitable for Singapore’s climate. IA value-added the project with digital LED light strips to achieve colour changing effects and using Madrix lighting control system to create specific lighting choreography. This results in synchronization between the movement of lights and colors to the music played during an event or as a standalone during daily operations. 

IA designed, fabricated, and improved manufacturer’s products to meet their goals of design aesthetics, blending into the existing structure, maintainability, lead time, costs, and compliance. Through lights and understanding of the environment, IA delivered living lighting artwork for such nostalgic and historically filled space. This installation increased the vibrancy of the space which gave emotional satisfaction to the ambiance.