The Denice project by Spacecannon
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Costa Masnaga, Italy – Denice is a small village in Alessandria Province (Italy), not far from Acqui Terme. The village with only 200 citizens in placed on the top of a hill and controls part of the Bormida river valley.

In the middle of the village, the 36 metres high medieval tower has been illuminated by Spacecannon. The major of the village wished to make the tower shine during the night, so it can be visible from far away. His desire was fulfilled illuminating the four sides of the structure from top to bottom using only 8 eBLACK Kompact 1 with 2700K warm white light. An accurate selection of optics was made in order to achieve high lighting uniformity vertically on the walls.

Beautifully lit with only 1200W, the medieval tower will continue to make Denice shine throughout the Bormida river valley.

The project was completed in 2020 and it was realised in cooperation with Aen Energia srl (AEN).