German Brand Award 2021 for PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds advertising campaign
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Darmstadt, Germany – Elegant design luminaires, bright floodlights for sports facilities, high-gloss but tough surfaces for household appliances – PLEXIGLAS®, Röhm’s PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) brand, is one of the world’s best-known plastic brands and impresses with its diverse properties and application possibilities. The Molding Compounds Business Unit at Röhm GmbH has promoted the broad spectrum of PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds through its successful international “Black & Bright” campaign for several years. The campaign’s motifs have been gradually incorporated into Röhm’s corporate design and have lost none of their impact and charm along the way. On the contrary, the humorous and emotionally engaging motifs are a perfect complement to Röhm’s strong brand presence. The campaign’s success has recently been recognized by the German Brand Award 2021 in the category “Brand Design – Corporate Brand”.

A visually successful pairing of Röhm and PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds

Röhm’s brand identity reflects the strategic mission of the company, which launched in 2019, to be the leading supplier of methacrylates. The corporate design impresses with strong visual anchors and a clean, streamlined layout with striking colours and bold typography. Integrating the second series of adverts from the Black & Bright campaign for PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds into the new corporate design means that Röhm and the strong PLEXIGLAS® brand complement each other very successfully on a visual level. “We are proud of being recognised by the German Brand Award 2021,” said a delighted Siamak Djafarian, Head of the Molding Compounds Business Unit at Röhm GmbH. “This continues the success story of our ‘Black & Bright’ campaign, as adverts targeting automotive and household applications have made it onto the list of winners in previous years.”       

The German Brand Award is a competition held by the German Brand Institute and recognizes successful brand management in Germany. Its aim is to discover, showcase and award exceptional brands and brand developers and, in doing so, not only promotes its winners but also their respective industries. One of the latest advertising motifs for lighting applications shows a potter creatively shaping a globe of light with his hands. The message: PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds offer product designers a high level of design freedom, for example in the development of stylish lighting solutions.