“Best of the Best”: another triple win for Zumtobel at the Red Dot Awards 2021
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Dornbirn, Austria – Zumtobel shines once again this year at the Red Dot Awards: the international design luminaries of the specialist jury have again recognised three different Zumtobel lighting solutions for their exceptional achievements in design – a multifunctional high-tech luminaire developed in collaboration with renowned Austrian design studio EOOS, the latest variant of an extremely precise and flexible spotlight series, and a ring luminaire for offices with balanced light distribution of almost 360 degrees.

Setting new standards for shop and retail lighting in a minimalist design language: VIVO II

The new VIVO II product family is Zumtobel's equivalent of a Swiss army knife. Extremely versatile and available with a whole host of accessories, the second VIVO generation meets all the demands of today's retail world. Because retail concepts are changing, moving from being a "point-of-sale" to a "point-of-experience". And having the right light is crucial to the success of these emotional worlds of experience. This requires adaptive lighting that enables brands, products and spaces to be presented in a way that is tailored to the specific target group and application. Zumtobel has worked with EOOS to develop the next generation of the successful VIVO product family. The chief attraction here is that for the first time, the electronics are fully integrated into the housing or track. With VIVO II, you can therefore effectively meet the requirements of any lighting application or room architecture with ceiling heights of up to ten metres with just a single, powerful, ultra-flexible series of luminaires – and a consistent design language.

Intelligent zoom focus that draws the eye to the essentials

A visit to a museum can be an unforgettable experience if the exhibition design, architecture and lighting are perfectly aligned. Only then can artworks be appreciated in their purest form. Designed by David Chipperfield, the third generation of the ARCOS spotlight family allows Zumtobel to offer absolute freedom in terms of presentation and dramaturgy. For the first time, an innovative zoom focus function enables each individual work to be lit differently in order to bring out its unique character. In addition, high-quality, multi-channel tunableWhite technology combines high colour rendering with balanced light distribution, for beautiful contrasts and striking details – and a perfect visual experience of the art.

"Best of the Best": the first truly impressive round office luminaire

Where linear lighting systems often create a visual break in geometrically complex architecture, the round pendant luminaire AMBITUS radiates calm. With this ring luminaire – designed by Yorgo Lykouria from RAINLIGHT STUDIO – the light follows a predefined shape but can still change direction. The omnidirectional light source acts like a small sun – with light distribution of almost 360 degrees. Light has a visual, emotional and biological effect on us and our environment. Thanks to tunableWhite technology, AMBITUS delivers direct and indirect light with a light temperature that can be adapted easily to diurnal rhythms. The luminaire can be controlled and the colour temperature adjusted via a simple switch or from a smartphone. AMBITUS is a balanced synergy of design and technical sophistication – its true skill lies hidden inside. In an office for two people, which would normally require two linear lighting solutions, one ring luminaire is all it takes to ensure sufficiently high-quality light at the workstations, making AMBITUS the most impressive round office luminaire currently on the market.