A Human Centric Lighting downlight system: the new Iku recessed downlights from ERCO
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Lüdenscheid, Germany – People and their activities are the focus of lighting design. As a consequence, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a fundamental approach to planning. ERCO has now created the Iku recessed downlight system for premium HCL concepts. Tunable white is just one of several features for flexibly and dynamically combining architecture, activities and atmosphere in the lighting concept.                                                                              

Lighting design with HCL, for example for office buildings, involves many levels and components because HCL means more than just a few luminaires with variable light colour: the lighting should support the perception of the user during various activities and also have a positive biological effect. All of this takes place in various architectural situations: these range from reception areas, atriums and circulation zones such as staircases and corridors, to the diversely designed work and office environments of today. Lighting designers not only need luminaires with different wattages, distributions and light colours including tunable white. Just as important is flexible, wireless connectivity for dynamic control scenarios and, no less important, overall cost-effectiveness. Fewer, but nuanced, high quality and efficient luminaires already pay for themselves during installation as well as in the long term due to low operating overheads.

A universal range of recessed luminaires

The new range of recessed downlights meets all of the above requirements: Iku for all areas of architectural lighting and Iku Work specifically developed for standard-compliant workplace lighting. With its logic and clarity, the Iku system already starts impressing at the planning process: five sizes ranging from 84 to 221mm, three downlight distributions plus wallwashers and double wallwashers as well as six white light colours plus tunable white are all winning features. Iku recessed downlights are compactly designed and offer high lumen output with a luminous efficacy of over 100lm/W. Iku thus represents a universal system for uniformly designed, ceiling-integrated lighting. The range is ideal for public buildings, offices and administrative buildings as well as for conference centres, hotels and restaurants – and especially for realising successful HCL concepts.