New Flindt Plaza - Sculptural Design and Illumination
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Copenhagen, Denmark – In spring 2021, Louis Poulsen introduced the Flindt Plaza, a new sculptural post top by Christian Flindt that merges design flexibility and contemporary aesthetics. With its modular construction that can be adjusted to the surrounding environment, the Flindt Plaza is ideal for creating scenic and larger-scale illumination in public spaces and the landscapes of tomorrow.                                     

The Flindt Plaza is an addition to the Flindt family, developed by award-winning Danish designer and architect Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. The Flindt Plaza meets the need for scenic and flexible, as well as discreet, larger-scale illumination in a range of applications for public parks, urban squares, city centres and ocean fronts. The aesthetic design has the same subtle sculptural appearance as the rest of the Flindt family, complementing both modern and classic urban spaces.                                                                        

Based on the same design language and key idea of the Flindt family, one single asymmetric carving opens up the light. This distinctive carving adds character to the luminaire and serves as a dimming reflector, softening the light and making it more pleasant in the dark, while also directing it precisely where needed.

The simple aesthetics of this resilient bollard, with its functional and attractive illumination, has since made the Flindt Bollard a convincing choice – elegantly complementing urban parks and other public spaces during the day as well as making them more accessible and safer at night.

To enhance the flexibility in the lighting design, the post top is available with two different reflector types. The light units are also adjustable by plus/minus 5° vertically and 360° horizontally on site, allowing for more varied light distribution.

The Flindt Plaza comes in a warm corten or aluminium with a textured surface. The textured finish not only means enhanced visibility and elegant reflection – both in sunlight and artificial lighting – but ensures its durability in all the different environments in which it is used.

The Flindt Plaza is now available at the Louis Poulsen Asia showroom at 5 Purvis Street, #01-02, Singapore 188584 or call 6735 4880 to arrange an appointment to view the collection.