Luminothérapie: domino effect is Brightening Up Place des Festivals This Winter
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Play as a catalyst for new encounters

As part of the novel winter experience provided by Luminothérapie, domino effect consists of 120 dominos distributed across several stations. The public is invited to play with sets of 10 giant, brightly coloured dominos in different ways, creating a wide range of sound and lighting effects. Every set features a different sound profile (vocals, percussion, marimba, balafon, flute and so on), and when players topple the dominos in a long cascade, the resulting multi-coloured domino orchestra plays a unique musical work in a colorful and luminous bow of pastel hues!

Ingrid Ingrid delivers a fun and entertaining experience that brings people together and fosters a spirit of cooperation. Players can join forces to set up the dominos faster and trigger the next cascade, or nudge them in the opposite direction to reverse the sound sequence. And since each domino makes its own unique sound, visitors can even play DJ by “scratching” a domino, spinning it at different speeds or drumming on it with their fingers.

The installation is rounded out by an architectural projection on UQAM’s Pavillon Président-Kennedy, created by Nouvelle Administration. The projection borrows the installation’s colourful hues and pairs that graphic language with visuals that reference the world of dominos. Space, sonority and colour are at the centre of this exploration, where the chain reactions and original decomposition of the dominoes are caused by sound.

With its vintage tropical colours, the interactive and collaborative domino effect experience makes for a positive, energizing outing. Come join us and forget the winter gloom!

"Congratulations to the team of Ingrid Ingrid for making Place des Festivals sparkle and bringing it to life with the power of interactivity. And thank-you to the team at the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership for coming back for a ninth consecutive year with this temporary luminous event, which brightens up downtown Montreal in the dark winter to delight passers-by of every age. Ingrid Ingrid's installation illustrates our homegrown creators' immense talent in finding new avenues for occupying public spaces all year round."
Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

“Congratulations to Ingrid Ingrid for its original and nuanced approach to this project, which encourages cooperation and invites everyone to join in the fun. The Luminothérapie multidisciplinary contest, Quebec's largest competition for temporary art installations, provides real opportunities for creators. This Quebec talent and the expertise in animating public spaces developed by the Partnership are making waves around the world, with growing demand for Luminothérapie's installations. You can already feel the fun and warmth that domino effect will generate for Quartier des spectacles visitors this winter !”
Jacques Primeau, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Quartier des spectacles Partnership

With this project, we wanted to celebrate public and physical space as a place for get-togethers and surprises – the kind of place where it’s fun to play and relax. The domino effect is our impact on each other, the contagiousness of happiness, the idea that we can accomplish extraordinary things when we get together. – Geneviève Levasseur, creative director, Ingrid Ingrid

The Luminothérapie’s works around the world

Since the last two years, the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership’s program for the export of its public art installations is a clear success: five works created for Luminothérapie and the Quartier des spectacles have been taken to over 25 cities across Canada and around the world through 25 cultural events and festival.

Everywhere they go, the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership’s productions are recognized for their quality and ability to spark the interest of a diverse audience, thanks especially to their participatory nature and their universal and inclusive themes.

They have been seen by millions of people in North America, Europe and the Middle East and for the first time in China where Îlot de chaleur is currently presented. Several works will continue to travel to the United States, Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in 2019.

The Partnership’s works are highly appreciated by citizens because they create opportunities to meet and share; they also help build the kind of relationship cities want to build with their residents. In addition, associations and collaborations are developing with several cities that host Quebec creators works, including the cities of Lugano, Chicago and New York.

Ingrid Ingrid : creators of domino effect

Ingrid Ingrid is a Montreal-based design studio that creates and develops innovative interactive experiences at the crossroads of art and technology. Its playful creations, not confined to walls or screens, show particular sensitivity to content. Shaking up old ways of thinking, Ingrid Ingrid experiments with, studies and reinvents our relationships with everything around us.